Ethernet over Copper and T1 Lines

Ethernet over Copper and T1 Lines

We offer Ethernet over copper and T1 lines to business customers. Copper and T1 lines
are still very useful, especially when they are used to deliver Internet connections to areas that
do not have Ethernet fiber service available. The overall bandwidth capacity is much lower than you
would get from an Ethernet fiber connection, but the value for the lower bandwidth is still very good.

The copper last mile network is still a very viable method for delivering a changing variety of data.
By utilizing this copper network, providers can transition to a future fiber only network, while still
delivering the needed dedicated bandwidth at an affordable cost. We specialize in knowing how
to obtain the best value for any situation.

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Ethernet over Copper and T1 Lines

Since the last mile, also know as the local loop, is the most important and expensive part of any
 dedicated connection, we always make sure that we have checked all options to confirm we have
located the best rate from the best carrier.
 We do not re-sell anything and all connections are
contracted directly between you and the carrier.
We never charge a fee for our quotation services
and we do not share your contact information with anyone. You will be contacted by one trusted
telecom expert from our company. W
e work for you, not the carriers.


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