Fiber Internet Service Provider for Business

Fiber Internet Service Provider for Business

The term fiber Internet service provider means different things, depending on your
application. The most popular usage of the terms, fiber Internet or fiber optic Internet,
means fiber to the home or FTTH. Even in the most rural areas, any new broadband
services will be fiber installed by cable companies, instead of the copper lines used
previously. Fiber lines owned by cable companies like or Verizon FIOS are good, but
not considered dedicated Ethernet fiber that a company would most commonly want.

Our specialty is knowing how to obtain the best value for dedicated fiber Internet lines.
Ethernet fiber Internet lines are the most efficient way to get high bandwidth connections
and are used by business customers as opposed to residential customers. The types
of lines we work with are dedicated and are not shared systems like cable or FIOS.
The bandwidth provided is symmetrical, where the upstream and downstream are the
same. There are no monthly bandwidth usage limits and they are highly reliable.

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Fiber Internet Service

We only offer fiber Internet service to business customers and can not help with
residential installations. Our professional quotations are available at no cost to
companies who need dedicated fiber Internet services. It only takes one simple
request from you for us to provide multiple rate quotes from all the top carriers.
We work for you, not the providers. We stay with you for the life of any contracted
connection, helping you maintain a healthy relationship with any carrier.

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